Cant Find diff & transfer case fluid 2012 RAV 4 85w-90. LiquiMoly?

I need to change my rear diff fluid and trasnfer case fluid. I cant find a Toyota shop manual for the car and the best I have is a Haynes manual. The Haynes manual says this year car takes Hypoid gear oil, GL-5 80w-90. The Haynes manual also says the rear diff & transfer case take the same fluid for this year car. I checked autozone, & advance and they dont carry anything 85w-90. I checked the dealership anf they do not sell it by the qt, and just have it in bulk 55 gal drums. I checked Amazon and the closest thing I found was Liqui Moly hear oil. The only thing I dont like is it says High Pressure gear oil. Is this ok to put in my Rav 4? Its the only thing that I can find that fits. I am also not sure if the Haynes manual is giving the correct information. Sometimes they arent all that correct.

This is the gear oil:

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Amazon has lots of 85W-90 GL-5 gear oil in gallon jugs. 80W-90 will work too. Since you will be changing the rear diff and transfer case, you will need not just 2 or 3 liters. You would want the gallon jug. Buy a hand pump as well, to get the oil in. And whatever you do, get the fill hole plug off first, then remove the drain plug.
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In my 2011 RAV4 4WD I use Redline 75W-110. That's a bit thicker (when hot at 100C/212F) than the 80W-90 specified by Toyota, but not that thick as 140... At 40C (104F, high ambient temp summer) has similar viscosity as 80W-90.
One Qt in each side (transfer case and rear diff), Amazon had it for $18/Qt.


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My experience is that a GL-5 75W110 seems to provide the best oil film thickness for a wide range of temperatures in transfer cases and differentials that require a GL-5 75W90.