Can tires flat spot overnight?

Feb 18, 2011
Hudson, NH
New to me 2019 Cherokee Limited 3.2. 49k. Lease return. The test drive went well. Nice and smooth. But the day after I got it home I started experiencing something strange. I get a lot of vibration, shaking, and what could best be described as a wobble first drive in the morning. Substantial to the point I took it back to the dealer thinking something was wrong like a bent CV axle, wheel bearing, wheel. The dealer couldn’t find anything wrong. I took it to a local tire shop for a road force balance a front end alignment. Was beautiful. Problem solved!! Nope. Today it’s terrible again. Shaking and vibrating from what seems like more than one wheel. It does eventually subside so it’s barely noticeable. Could the tires flat spot overnight? Attached are some pics of the tires. Looks like they were new when the jeep was turned in.


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The place where I worked during college had a 3/4 ton delivery truck with 10 ply nylon tires. E v e r y single day started with flat spotted tires..
I've had it before with other tires but only mildly. Cheap tires are cheap.
I had a set of kumho ectsa 4x Ku22's on a 2011 forester.. they actually had great grip and feel.. but the mpg was -15% and they flat spotted like no other
2-3 miles of square tires.. esp bad on cold fall mornings (I ran winter tires in winter)
oh and the tread seams were cosmetically flawed and liked to open a little.. like you were going to lose the tread. Apparently it was cosmetic... ... ..... traded in car in on a 2015 they were still ok.
If it's cold enough, say below 15º F, and my car is parked outside for ~8 hours (at work), I'll often have thump-thump-thump for a bit on the drive home. My tires are Continental Pure Contacts so not really "cheap" tires.
Toyo AT’s flat spot like nothing I’ve ever seen before - but after a week or two parked …
The KO2s on my 4Runner do. If it sits for only one day, not so bad. Two or more days and it's noticeable for five miles or so. After that, smooths out nicely.
I've had it on Pirelli's and Coopers.
Esp in the Cold.
but generally, the harder compound/longer wearing the tire, like a 60+k mi tread warranty, the more easily it flat spots when sitting for several hours.
the ones i've had, as others have said, round back out within a couple miles, as they warm up.
Back in the 70's had a set of 60 series Daytona tires put on my car that flat spotted like crazy, they would rattle the whole car till they would warm up, getting up to speed fast helped. :LOL:
Nope unless those tires were superemely underinflated, coupled with low temperatures. But even then I'd say you'd be talking much longer then overnight.

Any odd driving events before parking it that night?
I have BF Goodrich tires. The only time when my tires "flatspotted" was when my car sat for 2.5 Months during the lockdown. After a few miles, the flatspots went away and never came back. Even after 70K miles