CAMGUARD: Do you use it?

I do. Here's why:

When I bought my 1980 C-172, it had a Mattituck built O-320-D2J with about 800 hours on it. Compressions were good, UOA was clean. After about 450 hours of flying regularly (it never sat for more than 2 weeks, and usually only a few days), one of the cylinders lost compression. We pulled it, and saw the cam for the first time. The lobes had visible corrosion and pitting, slightly rough to the touch. The UOA reports never had elevated metals, so it didn't give any warning. Due to my regular flying and maintenance, I surmise that the cams were already pitted when I bought this airplane. Of course, you can't check that without pulling a jug so in hindsight I'm not sure I'd change anything about the pre-buy inspection.

Long story short, I replaced the engine with a Penn Yan O-360-A4M. After the break-in period I started using CAMGUARD (this appears in UOA reports as elevated Ca and P). I figure the experience was a $45,000 lesson and I might as well learn something from it, or do something different. It might not help, but it won't hurt, the cost is inconsequential, and given my experience, it gives me peace of mind.
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I had a Lycoming O-320E2D that had a cam lobe spalled on #4 cylinder. I started using Camguard after that with the hopes of never having a repeat of that experience. I no longer own the plane, but keep in touch with the current owner (still a friend). No problems as of yet..

I saw that the owner that started Camguard was frequenting a forum, but I don't remember if it was BITOG or an aviation oriented forum?
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I did on my Pa38 w/ a Lyc 0230 as it was stored outside and had some elevated, but not too worrying wear metals in the UOA, but then didn't when I bought my Pa28-236, Lyc O-540. The Dakota went a very little past TBO (didn't want to take her off line during the short nice weather season here) with no problems. Not using it on the O/H engine (Penn Yan). So, no scientific experience, but if you fly enough, use good oil (Phillips 20w-50 in our case) changed as you should I don't see any reason for it.
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