Cam2 CVT fluid is green, and so is Transtar

Mar 20, 2008
According to their PDS, CAM2 CVT fluid is green The case of 12 is about $70 on Amazon, making it just under $6/qt. Amazon also carries Transtar CVT fluid, which is also green, and it's only $6/qt and free shipping, no minimum since it's a marketplace seller. Here is the PDS confirming the green color I mention this because Castrol CVT is red, and a lot of people on here don't like it for that reason. Otherwise, it's $35 for 6 quarts, the same price as Cam2, and the parts stores put in on sale for even less a few times a year. So if you'd rather fill your CVT with something green rather than red, Cam2 or Transtar is your choice smile Valvoline is amber, but does cost a bit more. (over $7/qt at Walmart)