Cable vs 5G Home Internet

Although TMO frowns on it, numerous truckers and people RV living use those units for internet. Mine works very well and streams good too. Way better than my ATT Uverse does.
My cousin has tmo and comcast now both at the same time. whenever i am at his house i test the speed of his internet. i think he pays for 250 on comcast. he has a real good tmo signal and even my 4g phone pulls down 150 . on his 5g phone he gets 500 to 600. he tried the tmo because he was getting a lot of outgages at his house on comcast. he said he never has had the tmo go down. for some reason he just keeps both.

if you have a good tmo signal then it might be the way to go.
This has changed mightily in the last year.
I was reluctant to try google fi again because of previous low signal but it is totally different.
I went from 2 bars and no signal in half the buildings to competitive service and 1200/500 up down on 5g. (has slowed down some now)
Even at my cabin in the middle of nowhere its now comparable to verizon.

That's awesome. I just came back from a cabin trip in northern MN and I was surprised by the decent quality of service I had up there as well. TMO has upped their rural USA game quite a bit.
I'm using InstyConnect router and antenna, pulling a 5G signal from the nearest tower about 1/2 mile away, if that. The equipment was about 1K, but my monthly fee is $0 w/TMO. Since I have 2 lines with TMO, I get a third free. So that SIM goes in the modem, then I pay 23.49/mo for an AT&T SIM in case I get throttled by TMO (which rarely happens). Typically I get 60-240 down and 15-60 up.
IMHO, fiber is best. Cable is the only fiber provider in my area. No 5G out here in the sticks. Cable is the obvious choice locally.