Buying OEM Honda Rims

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May 1, 2012
My 2010 Accord LX came with steelies and wheel covers. The OEM tires are about shot, so I'm in the market for a set of wheels and tires. I'd like to replace the steelies with OEM alloy wheels. Does anyone have a suggestion or previous experience buying from any particular vendor? The problem I see is, all of these online OEM Honda wheel dealers are selling you either: A.) "Refurbished" OEM wheels or B.) Knock-off replicas. Should I stay away from either of these two options and buy a set of wheels of CL? That seems potentially dangerous as well....buying a bent or cracked rim. If you think just buying good quality aftermarket wheels is the best option, can you recommend a good quality brand? I'm not looking for anything insane. Just 16-18" wheels. Nothing too expensive, but no junk either. I could spend up to $1500 for a set of wheels, but I'd like to stay around $1000. What do you guys think?
I bought my summer "nice" set of alloys from eBay. They were advertised as new and OEM. Came in Honda boxes with the Honda part number tags and packaged how I'd expect them to be. I don't know if some sellers may lie (wouldn't doubt if some do), but I wasn't burned. I don't know what style you're going for, but I love how these wheels look on my Accord. See the pic below. I paid around $300 shipped for them. Some mock me for going with 16", but I think they look good and I like a little bit of rubber meat with the not-so-nice-condition our WNY roads are in Spring. I like OEM wheels, I may just prefer conservative styling over some radical looks.
I would first determine which other Hondas use the same bolt pattern/offset/center bore, then keep an eye on various Honda forums and Craigslist. Also note, you may need to account for TPMS sensors if you plan to keep both rims, or at least swap out the sensors to the new wheels and ignore the light with the steelies during the winter. Unless you want very specific wheels, you should be able to get a set lightly used OEM wheels for $2-500. A quick search online shows that the '10 accord runs a 5x114.3 bolt pattern, 64.1mm hub, 55mm offset. Off the top of my head, you could easily go with CRV, Odyssey, Pilot, Prelude, Accord wheels. Plus the Acura equivalents. OEM wheels may not be the absolute lightest wheel, but you know they'll be made well, and have an understated appearance. I made a similar search for my Honda Element. I got picky though, I found out that RSX wheels were significantly lighter that most other 16" Honda wheels, so I was searching for that specifically. I ended up buying a set up in Valparaiso for $200 that were like new.
I got acura and honda OEM rims for my hondas at a u-pick boneyard for a bit over $20 ea. I got Prelude rims for the civic (an older year model) and the acura rims for Accord. You can do some research online to find the right hole diameters and offsets. I did pay more for one prelude rim to fill out the set from a wheel reman company that was on ebay, but the junkyard had quite a few wheels to choose from, more for accord than civic, as I remember.
You've got tons of options with that budget. I'd look into lightweight aftermarket or a great deal off CL (shouldn't' be too hard to find on such a popular car).
I'd look up a Honda forum. Not likely to get mugged during the transaction. I want to get some konig afterburners for my fusion but the weight increase moved me away from them. The stock honda alloys look really good though so it's not a bad idea.
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