Buick or VW?

Also to note, I've learned to steer clear from recommending and inspecting vehicles for friends and family. I eagerly did it when I was younger. However, it can come back on you. I as sure don't want to say, hey that Buick is A ok, and 40K miles later they expect me to work on it for them. Tell them the internet is your friend.
I’m helping him buy it. These are vehicles he picked. Not sure why because they really aren’t similar in my mind.
Buick, but if a salt-belt car check for underbody rust. A lot of them driven at low speeds look great on top, but the undercarriage is done.
Yes. It's either a 6 speed manual or a 6 speed 09G auto
Yes they didn't use the DSG in that, it is the Japanese trans if it is an auto.

If you're super worried about it there should be a sticker in the trunk / spare tire well that list all the options, you can look the trans code up on Blauparts.
Is there an easy way to tell which transmission is in the VW?
Yes, Natural aspirated engines only had the conventional Aisin 6 Speed or 6/5 speed manual.

2.0T and other turbocharged engines were equipped with either the DSG or Manual. Never the Aisin 6 speed.
Also I really hate almost all the interiors in American branded cars, they just do not look good at all. The Volkswagens on the other hand, has nailed it down when it comes to the interiors of their cars. Excellent appearance of modern.