Buddies Golfing

Jan 13, 2016
Northeast Nebraska
Wally and his friends had been playing golf at the local course for so many years that their foursome had a standing tee-time every Tuesday. Rain or shine, the 4 older gents trundled out to the course to play the game they loved. They'd reminisce about their glory days on the courses, they'd tell lies and jokes and generally had a great time in each other's company.

One Tuesday morning, as a funeral procession rounded the bend near the clubhouse, Wally stood silently, removed his cap and placed it over his heart. His friends noticed his bowed head and, a little surprised at his reaction, they did the same.

After the funeral procession past by they turned to him... "Wally? Whats up with you? We've never seen you act like that before.. what's going on?"

"Well," Wally replied, "After being married to her for over 30 years, I felt it was the least I could do."