Broken lock tab on coil harness connectors.

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Jan 8, 2012
while changing the plugs on my 05 Camry 4cyl, two of the plastic lock tabs on the wiring harness connectors to the individual coils broke. They are a snug fit anyway
and the car runs fine. I put a strip of electrical tape over the two that snapped off
to act as a temp lock. Don't really want to pull/replace the connectors apart and mess with all those thin wires. What do you guys suggest a high temp silicone tape or
a dab of some type of sealant on the outside where the female connector fits over the
male fitting on each coil. I know regular electrical tape may not be heat resistant enough and some techs just leave them with no lock tab if it breaks and call it good
but I figure they lock them for a reason.
Any thoughts Thank you Coastalguy.
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From what I've found on-line, the connectors can be ordered. If these are like most similar connectors, the wires are "barbed" meaning they go in one way, but will not come out.

A thread at ToyotaNation suggests the following part number: 90980-11885.

A search of ebay shows items like this:

Otherwise, a zip tie you check every oil changes or so...
bought mine (for wifey's 04 camry 2AZ-FE) from Ballinger motorsports sometime ago:

I believe it's the 4 pin SSC type (@ work right now, spare parts in storage) Tyco type if memory serves.

Take a deep look (take digital pics) and then compare with those listed on their site. It's not a bad idea to get a couple of extras in case you damage a new one (or 2) while working at it.

While you are on that site: don't forget to get the disconnect tool...

Funny, I broke one about a year ago changing my plugs. Haven't thought about it since.

To be blunt I think you're more likely to break something putting a new end on than just leaving it, or a wrap of electrical tape. IIRC it was a pretty snug fit without the tab and I wan't too worried.
LOL! for most of my rather "cheep" customers (toys, hondas), I would give them the option of either (a) pay me extra to replace all of those connectors(which I ordered from Ballinger motorsports also); or (b)tie them with craft wires.

option (b) has been working for my customers for quite some time, and it's also the best alternative solutions (it's easier to cut the wire to service the coils, spark plugs, etc. than scraping off dried RTV silicone dabs).

For my own automobiles: I always resort to replacing them with fresh new ones.

Problem solved. Starbright Liquid Electrical tape. A couple of drops in the slot where the tab once lived. Connector can be pulled apart for the next plug change but it will not vibrate loose. This stuff is good for temps of -30 to 255Deg F.
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I've used tie wraps in the past. Works great and easy to remove when you need to.

I have also done this. Works great.
Or nothing at all. They don't seem to vibrate out even with the lock tab broken. That goes for most "gasketed" electrical connectors with broken tabs. The only ones I zip tie or silicone or tape are the ones that are not easy to get to, such as fuel pump plug on top of the tank.
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