Briggs fuel line routing issue? (pics)

Oct 13, 2008
The Old North State
So after using newish JD with ~30 hrs on V twin I happened to notice the fuel line resting on the valve cover. Then noticed cover was hot, so proceed to move the line away from cover. Found mark shown on cover and an indention on fuel line at the point of rest. While I put a question mark in title, I believe it is an issue. While watching some yt vids on how to replace ez change, noticed other V twin engines resting on cover too.

I'll likely fix using a zip tie or ties. If fuel pump connector from feed line angled slightly to the side rather than straight down, line would not be prone to hitting the cover. I googled this and was surprised to see no mention of this occurrence. Thoughts? Over reaction?

My guess is that if there was an indentation, eventually the line would fail and you have a fire risk. I think you did the wise thing here. You may even want to wrap some foil around the line over the valve cover to reflect the heat.
Put a high temp split loom cover over it or use one of these on the valve cover bolt or you could replace one bolt with a stud and use two nuts, you can get them almost anywhere.
Briggs has a similar issue on their push mower engines, the spark plug wire is touching the ohv cover.

I would definitely ziptie it off, or reroute that fuel line because you dont want your v twin catching on fire.
Thanks for the thoughts and ideas. I too thought it could be an engine fire hazard. Next use the hose will be off the valve cover. I'm going to look at some other new mowers with Briggs V twin engines to see if gas line routing similar.
Doing more research found on Briggs site, the EXi series (V twin) engines shows a specific fuel line that curves around the valve cover. So one can conclude Briggs knows this is an issue. I have not been able to find online that specific fuel line. A good look at line can be seen at the very start (and end) of video.