Bought another MacBook Pro 15 as a fixer upper

Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
I have been having a good run of buying broken MacBooks and fixing them lately.

This most recent one is a Mid 2015 MacBook Pro 15" 2.5GHz quad core i7, dual graphics, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD. Seller was told the screen needed to be replaced because the hinges were loose so they bought another one and wanted to recap "some" money. Asking $300 offered $205 and they accepted.

a YouTube search later, and its actually only the screws inside of the screen that loosen up and its completely fixable with a little time. Removed the screen from the body, then remove the bottom plastic screen guard on screen, aka chin? - all 4 hinge screws were loose, tighten them down with a touch of thread locker, and while I was in there decided to upgrade the CPU and graphics chips thermal paste and do a really good cleaning of dust etc. out of the fans and fins. reinstalled everything and she booted up on the first press of power button. Hinges are tight and total time invested was about 2 hours.
Battery health is %94.7 with 114 cycles. DOM is late 2019.

This one is going to mom's. She never owned a MacBook laptop, or even used MacOS. So im updating it, and will sync everything over from the cloud. im sure with the very light tasks she will ask of it, it will good for many years until software support is stopped.
Apr 25, 2017
This most recent one is a Mid 2015 MacBook.... DOM is late 2019.
I really wish Apple wasn't so bad about this. I understand building the same "spec" machine for 1-2 years but 4 (or more) ?? I know Macs last (I'm typing this on a "mid-2013" built in late '14) but if I were looking for a used one, I might pass on what appears to be a ~7 year old machine but if I knew it was from 2019, I'd definitely be interested.

When you said 114 battery cycles, I thought that wasn't possible.... until the next sentence.
Nov 23, 2015
Great find!

This is a computer with a bit of a cult following as it was the last MBP with USB-A ports and user upgradeable storage. If it were mine, I'd toss a 1tb+ NVMe drive in it, which is much faster than the installed AHCI drive.

It's a shame that these are getting dropped from macOS Ventura.