Board's Opinion of Chevron Supreme Synthetic?

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May 27, 2002
What is the "general" opinion about Chevron Supreme Synthetic? It appears to have excellent numbers. Is it a "true" synthetic or a Group III synthetic wannabe?

Thanks in advance

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I believe that Chevron synthetic was PAO up to about a year ago but they have since turned to the Darkside ... like so many of their competitors.

Some of their on-line data is terribly dated. A couple months ago I printed out an MSDS sheet for the Chevron Supreme (dino) and it still said they had 1.5% ZDDP in it.
The lube tek I talked to at chevron about 4months ago said all their synthetics are PAO based and that they make their own base stock for these oils.Chevron supreme dino was the first oil to be certifyed for the new SL standard,I think chevron is more up to date than most others.Chevron according to the numbers surpasses all other oils in TBN/flash point/low temp pumping,I don't see any reason for their additive packages to be any less as good as their base stocks.Tony
The numbers definitely look good, and suggest that it's not a group 3 based oil, however Valvoline SynPower also puts down some impressive data numbers and it's group 3 too. I wish they could somehow show how their antiwear package held up though, those tech data sheets lack some of the most important numbers of all.

BTW, I think the regular Chevron Supreme looks to be the best value for the money in a dino oil by far. I wonder if it's additive package is up to the task though?
My 12 vehicles are split between Chevron Supreme and Chevron Delo 400, depending on the viscosity needed and whether it is diesel or gasoline. I have tracked such great numbers that even though I would make more on selling the Supreme Synthetic, for most people I recommend the Group II Supreme at 1/3 the price. Great protection at a good price.
Looking at the numbers for Havoline synthetic compared to Chevron Synthetic makes it appear they are one in the same oil. I just noticed my local Walmart has the Havoline Synthetic, in the SL version also, so I might just give this oil a try this winter. With a pour point of -60F for the 10w30 it beats Mobil 1 (which has a pour point of -49F) So even if the Havoline uses a group 3 base, it beats Mobil 1 with it's full synthetic base. What is the point of using an oil with a full synthetic base if this one beats it? Havoline kills M1 on the flash point number too, 480F vs 455F.
I have always liked CHevron's lubes, Don't like the fact that they sat on hydrocracking technology for almost 20 years.

The Havoline Synthetic products in the past have been exceptional value for the money and rendered low wear #'s in a variety of applications. Who knows how it will be now.
We might just find out how their wear numbers are Terry, I'm very interested in trying their stuff out this winter. Yes, I do realize I've changed my mind a hundred times on what oil I'm gonna use.
But it's interesting to try new things out and compare their analysis results.
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