BJ's Wholesale Club Gas?

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Feb 17, 2007
Clermont, Florida
Does anyone know who is the supplier for it in the Southeastern U.S.? Tampa/Orlando Florida area, to be more precise. I have been given a free membership to BJ's club and may use it if it's a quality gas. It's a good 15 cents less per gallon than the other stations.

I searched here but found nothing on it. Thanks.
it is the same supplier as all the other gas stations in the same area. Only difference is additization, refinery sources are more or less all the same one or two that are local.
Not sure, been using it in three vehicles for about a month now, so far cannot see any difference in performance or mileage. Does seem to average 15-20 cents/gal cheaper.
I emailed BJ's about it. Here is their response:

Thank you for contacting BJ'S Member Care with your inquiry.

Depending on the trade area, BJ'S buys unbranded gasoline from many different suppliers, be they national brand refiners or smaller independent refiner/suppliers. Though BJ'S purchases from many sources to maintain our low prices, please be assured that BJ'S gas maintains the strict quality guideline established by the Federal Government's Environmental Protection Agency. At all times, though, BJ'S gas maintains the strict quality guidelines established by the federal government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We sell 87 Octane Regular Unleaded and 93 Octane Premium Unleaded. BJ'S gasoline contains all detergent additives required by EPA guidelines.

Still have no idea who supplies it. I may try it anyway, but it's hard to switch from name brand fuel. My truck does very well on the new Shell gas with nitrogen.
They buy their gas from who gives them the best price is what their saying. Gas is pretty much gas. It's the additives to the fuel trucks at the refinery that is the difference. There is a long post by fueltankerman about this.

You're not going to gas with V-power of Invigorate from a place like BJ's.

When I worked at Cumberland Farms, we got trucks with Gulf on the tank. (CF owns the brand name IIRC.) But the letterhead on the bill was marked from a Sunoco refinery.
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