Bit the bullet on a new phone

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Apr 7, 2011
Ankeny, IA
Well, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Samsung Intercept on sale at $79 at Best Buy. Got a free month of service, too. Has Android 2.2. Seems to be a great phone so far, and I love all the apps. Anyone else running Android and have any problems with it as this is my first Android phone. Thanks!
Always liked Samsung, till I got a Blackberry... android seems the way of the future though. Darn Blackberry, wish they would come out with something competitive. I just use my phones for calls and text, so I cant complain. My friend has Android and seems to like it. Dont think you went wrong.
2-day sale at Target. I got the Optimus V for $49 today...return your intensity and go get one for yourself now.
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