BG MOA Question

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Jun 3, 2006
When would be a good time to apply moa, with a fresh oil change? Reason I ask is because I just purchased some and have about about 1500 miles on my oil. Should I use it now or wait until later?
MOA = motor oil additive? If you run a 5000 mile OCI then you might as well pour it in now. You will get most of the benefit anyway. I'd think it would do more for used oil than new oil anyway since oil additives deplete with use.
Just hit 3000 miles yesterday. Have three blotters and they look good. Said truck does not use oil, but maybe that internal sand blasting (unhooked breather tube and 476 ppm lead) changed that because it is down about half a quart. Still not bad for a 135,000 mile engine. I don't think I will have to top up by 6000 miles, so we can see the oil without dilution. Oh, will be going off in the new motorhome in October. Could run a brew there and have the whole OCI finished in two weeks. PM me if you want to do that as the pickup will be until mid December to hit 6000 miles.
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