Best wiper blades?

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Nov 19, 2014
I was always under the impression that the frameless "beam" style blades were the best, but now I see these new "hybrid" blades emerging. What's the deal on those?

Is there a general consensus on the 'best' blade for the money?
I tried the hybrids and dont like back to using a beam blade. I quite like Anco blades (cheap walmart blades). Im on my second season with my winter anco's and they still work great.
I always heard that Bosch Icons were supposed to be the best, but this was years ago. I wonder if that's still the case...
I was going to ask that. In Washington we wear them out quick.
I have the Bosch on the Grand Prix, I like them.
Amaco on the truck, they have been awesome.

So I just put new ones on the Equinox and it has those weird flex ones. I put the Duralast version on. Time will tell.

Trans Am? I can't remember that last time used the wipers on it.
Originally Posted By: Rolla07
I tried the hybrids and dont like back to using a beam blade. I quite like Anco blades (cheap walmart blades). Im on my second season with my winter anco's and they still work great.

^ same here. Anco's always seem to last the longest for me. It is a bonus that they are also cheap. I can't bring myself to buy icons or other expensive blades with the luck ive had with Anco.
OEM, as long as they're known to be good. They have the advantage of fitting the attachment point and windshield perfectly, which aftermarket blades can be hit or miss with. It's worked for both cars so far. Same price as aftermarket blades, to boot.
I've had good luck with Motorcrafts $20 Premium blades. Lasts a year silently, and for the price, I'm not complaining.

Some instances (like my SRX), you have to OEM, they won't fit or work well without it.
Anco 31 blades are equivalent to OEM on some lower end vehicles. Here is my experience trying to replace conventional style blades:

Replace conventional with Anco 31 in 24 inch and 20 inch sizes. Both perfect replacements.

Replace conventional with Anco Profile beam blade. 24 inch no good. 20 inch perfect.

Replace conventional with Goodyear Hybrid style blade ($8 Costco) on different vehicle. 24 inch perfect. 19 inch passable.
I've had the best luck with OE blades overall. I just put a new set of OE Motorcrafts on my focus, and they work better than the Rainx Latitudes I put on in Feb did when they were new. And the MCs are cheaper too. ($17.50/blade vs like $23/blade)
I cant imagine paying that much for a blade that is not servicable and goes in the trash once a year.
If you like Bosch blades, Firestone are doing an oil change special including Bosch blades and tire rotation for $27.
I've tried a ton of different blades on mine & the wifes car. So far the Bosch Icons work great for the longest amount of time. And unless they need them sooner I've always replaced blades on the vehicles at the beginning summer around March or April.
Since we don't have any chance of precipitation from April-May till November-December every year, I remove the wiper blades and arms from my S2000 for 6-7 months a year.

My S2000 is 11 years old and is on second set of blades (Bosch Icon I believe), the last time I used it was 8-9 months ago. I think the current Bosch Icons are in good shape and may lasted another 2-3 years.
What I do like for wiper blades is, BEAM style wiper blades. Mostly, I have used Rain-X Latitude & Repel(Repel is discontinued) but, I have tried others such as Valvoline Aquablade-Beam Blades and Invisible Glass Beam Blades(all on sale from Big Lot's or Ollie's for between $5-$10 each).

I did try some beam blades, IIRC they were Value Craft(something or another) beam blades and they chattered/hopped on one car. So I switched them to another car and they were fine...IDKY!!!

I do hear and read good things about the Bosch Icon Beam Blades and will try'em when my stash runs out.
I've tried Trico blades, Walmart blades, Michelin blades, Bosch Micro Edge XL (not cheap) blades. None of them work worth a darn on my 2000 Grand Marquis. They all streak and chatter. I even replaced the arms and used a Rain-X Deep Cleaning windshield kit. Nada.

What bugs me is the bottom of the line VatoZone blades on my work truck have been there for at least 3-4 years and they work perfectly.
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