Best retail 50 weight synth...GO!

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Nov 3, 2002
I want to cure that consumption issue on my friend's '06 GLI 2.0T FSI.

SynPower 20w-50 - PAO content

PP 15w-50 - It's PP!

Mobil 1 Silver Cap - meh, and M1 does not handle dillution well.

Mobil 1 10w-40 HM - a maybe

RTS, a back-up...not what I want for summer.

Too bad dino 50 is out, that would be the way to go, GTX HM 20w-50 would be worth a shot.
PP 15W-50, 5W-50 OR Q Horsepower 5W-50 should be good oils.

Castrol Syntec 5W-50 is a good oil. See some good UOA's on here for it, and its been around for a long, long time, so Castrol knows what its doing with it. Also, easy to get.
Hrd to find some of them, also looking for best price.

Right now, SynPower + filter = $28 at PepBoys. The actual filter is $12, but there is a $5 credit.
Mobil 1 15w50 would be my choice, no question about it.

I can't believe I just recommended Mobil 1...
IF you're willing to consider a syn-blend, then Maxlife 20W-50 would also be a good choice. Its a pretty stout oil, even in the lighter grades!
why is dino out? If there is bad consumption and fuel dilution going on, the prudent thing may be to use a robust dino and change often.
What type of oil is he using now, and what type of consumption are we talking about?

I would actually try a HDEO 15W-40. My thinking is that it could produce less consumption than even a 5W-40 synthetic. I would have no problem running a Group II based 15W-40 in those turbos for 5-6k mile OCI's. The GII based HDEOs we have here in North America are very good oils.

Too bad dino 50 is out, that would be the way to go, GTX HM 20w-50 would be worth a shot.
If the 20W-50 dino's are Group II based, they should perform fine. My thinking is that the 20W-50 dino's made today should be GII.
M1 5w-50 is the best selling in Europe too.

It's for the turbo DI, I can't go ahead with dino, although I refilled it yesterday, 3q with Delo 30!

I did not get anything yet, too busy. I wish they had some M1 15w-50 clearance at Target, I'd get a bunch for her. fwiw, her husband is away in Afganistan and topping off has not been happening. All the intake deposits and stuff with that engine, I'm telling her to dump it. Just trying to get consumption under control.

Leaning toward SynPower unless something else crops up.
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