Best otc hand pump for fluid quarts?

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Dec 30, 2006
Who makes the best/most durable hand pump for fluid quarts? I broke 2 of those Autozone/O'Reilly $9 quart pumps already. They both broke after the 2nd or 3rd pump. Is it just luck of the draw getting one that holds up,or is there a better one than those? They both broke pumping rear diff fluid. Was helping a friend do a rear diff fluid change in his car w/80W90 weight gear oil. Don't want to have to order one,just want the best one that I can walk into the store and buy.
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I ordered this inexpensive pump from Amazon. I've pumped 4 quarts of gear oil with it and had no problems with it. It takes about 100 pumps to drain a qt. It was $6.50 Plews 55001 Lubrimatic Fluid Quart Pump, Fits Standard Quart Bottles I can't comment on long term durability as it is less than a year old.
+1. I ordered the same one... Have used it for about 4 quarts of gear oil and 6+ quarts of trans fluid. No issues as of yet. The only thing that I will note is that the longer tube is too short for some of the gear oil bottles, so when it stops pumping you have to pour the remainder in a new quart. Just an extra step in the process, but no big deal.
I have two of the HF hand transfer pumps. Works relatively well once you use it a bit. At first, it works pretty poorly (doesn't pump, pops the tubes off), but once you get a good bit of oil through it, it seems to work fine after that! Only issue I have had where it wouldn't pump, period, was when I was trying to do 85w140 gear oil on a 32* day. At that point, I heated the oil up and it worked fine. One is used only for waste oil and the other is used for filling differentials, transfer cases or sucking "clean" oil from a transmission or PS pump. The second is used for waste oil transfers only!
What is this pump used for? I have had good luck filling transmissions and diffs by using a 3-4 foot piece of clear plastic hose and a tiny funnel made from the cap of a gear oil bottle. Just stick one end of the hose in the fill hole and run the other end up under the hood, or out to the side over the rear tire. Btw I have both a bottle top type pump and a HF transfer pump, the hose and funnel are better for this task.
I don't know where else you'd be able to find one, but a while ago when I bought a trans service kit from a local Audi shop and it included a nice pump that actually pumps 4 oz of liquid for each stroke as opposed to the 1 oz the auto parts store ones do. It works great for ATF on the Audi, and it even works pretty well for 75W-90 in the diffs. The company was Blauparts, so maybe you could order just the pump from them. Also, Motive makes a nice pressurized fluid transfer container that would be the best way to go, assuming that your budget would cover it.
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Bottle pumps are junk, and best used with thin or warmed fluids. Mityvac or Motive are great but cost more. Funnel and long hose is great for diy.
Many fill plugs are located in tight spaces which make the use of a pump mandatory. This may be why the OP is searching for a good gear oil pump.
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Never mandatory. Just requires a little longer hose and gravity.
+1 Also check out the f150 a/t thread posted recently. The pump sprayer he used is a sweet idea! Just take off the old spray nozzle and install a clear hose with a ball valve , pump up, flip the ball valve and presto. I am definitely making one
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