Best oil for old K24?

Aug 9, 2006
Hey guys, I have over 250k on the Honda, been using dealer synthetic, but the timing chain area has a slow leak as their last inspection pointed out to me. No puddles of oil on the driveway, however. I have read using regular dino oil would help, or maybe a different viscosity.
5w30 or maybe 10w30. You can use Kirkland; I generally use M1 5w30 high mileage in our 2006 TSX with 212K on the clock.
I've actually built a 8000rpm 300hp k24 engine, i know the timing cover is sealed with liquid gasket to the block. When not done right it tends to leak in the lower corners where it meets with the oil pan and engine block.

When done right offcourse i would find the leak and fix it.

This high performance k24 runs on shell 5w40.
I do not really believe running dyno oil creates any difference in leakages, also what defines real dyno oil?
Almost all oils are a mix of multiple grades of oils.
Quaker State HM blend 5w30 or QSFS HM are what I stock the most. Maxlife red bottle blend 5w30 would work as well. I have PP Euro 0w40 in my Elements k24 right now.
I installed @High Performance Lubricants 10W20 in mine:


With that mileage, I would consider doing a full reseal. Valve cover, solenoid, timing cover and oil pan. You can do it in one day. I would not expect conventional to reduce your oil leakage. RTV isn’t affected by oil type.
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