Best Battery Terminal Corrosion Preventer?

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Jul 2, 2007
What's your favorite corrosion prevention product to spray or brush onto the battery terminals of your car, truck, van, or SUV?
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The best corrosion prevention product is to move the battery out of the engine compartment.
That is usually good for weight distribution, too. Put the battery in a sealed box behind the passenger seat. Racecar.
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NO-OX-ID is the best money can buy
What is NO-OX-ID and what attributes does it have that seem to make it superior?
Avoid batteries that are "leakers". Most grease including Vaseline will do a pretty good job. But if the seal between the case and post is damaged then there is not a good chance any corrosion preventer will help much.
Lemon Pledge Furniture Polish. The only downside is that your battery will look like brand new on the shelf waiting to be installed on the day it dies. My OEM 03 4Runner battery lasted 11 or 12 years and I had to tell the guy at the recycle place not to try and sell, that it really was gone. Laugh, but then try it. Be a big spender and if you don't like a shiny new looking battery give the rest to your wife.
I spent $250 on a top of the line AGM battery for my V8 Expedition. It died 4 years and one month after I bought it.
battery felt pads and dielectric grease smeared on after the connection is made. Then if it fits, a plastic cover to keep dirt off the grease. Ive posted this pic before but here is my mazda. 20170602_182509 by JOHN, on Flickr
and checking regularly for corrosion. I have seen where if left too long,it eats the terminal beyond repair and replacing battery terminals and cables in newer cars looks expensive and difficult. Corrosion was left so long I had to replace the complete cables in my truck, but besides being expensive to have custom cables made, it wasn't too hard as it is an older truck without a lot of frills and lots of working room.
1) don't buy Exide. 2) Cheap red wheel bearing grease. Stuff I slathered on two years back is still there.
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1) don't buy Exide. 2) Cheap red wheel bearing grease. Stuff I slathered on two years back is still there.
Beat me to point 1.
I put dielectric grease on the terminal, making sure to focus to have it at the metal-plastic interface. Very light coat everywhere else, which contact pressure will squeeze out. No issues on lots of batteries for many years.
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