bedliner in passenger area?

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Sep 25, 2008
central ga
i've got an 82 dodge pickup i'm slowly dressing up.the 3rd owner had sprayed the interior of the cab with dark gray bed liner,as he was going to go for a silver interior.i have decided to go with a tan/brown interior.
i was wondering if there is a way to color the bedliner?would the spray on vinyl dye like used on dashes work?or will i have to have the interior painted by a body shop.since i am not a paint guy i would have to get a pro to do it.
How about a thin layer of the color bedliner you want? That would hold up better than paint or dye.

Vinyl dye might work, give it a try in some out of the way place.

If it gets a lot of wear in spots it will wear through.
i forgot to mention --i plan on ordering a carpet kit for the that will be covered.but the area around the doors ,kick panels ,doors themselves,area behind the seat and around the back window will need to colored.
incidentally i am chose tan for it's less heat absorptive ability.since i live in central ga,and this truck has no a/c.
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