Average Vehicle Price June 2022 = $45844

Dec 4, 2016

If BITOG remained exclusively a lubrication forum, it likely would not have much traffic. Once the traffic dies, the postings die. I can point you to dozens of really good forums with a really good subject, that are stagnate or died off. One was pontiacbonnevilleclub dot com. Awesome members, no advertising, outstanding moderation. But the Bonneville (and Pontiac) are gone and not enough new stuff to talk about for the forum members. Now that forum is a repository for researching Bonneville issues, but not active enough to get SMEs to visit the board regularly to respond to questions.

BITOG started as a lubrication forum, but IMHO it is a master mind group of people who like vehicles and often are people who can DIY stuff and think independently.
Yes, well stated. This is a "General Automotive Forum" within a lubrication related site. Are the other categories illegitimate because they don't conform to an oil-only format?

Go to the table of contents for the forums here at Bob Is The Oil Guy.

Quite a variety there. Lots of non-oil related forum content.

I remember participating in a very informative thread about treatment for depression here on BITOG. Discussing the price of new cars and the causes for rising or falling new or used cars cannot be divorced from market trends, economic data, public policies, etc.
Jul 11, 2015
New England
I had budgeted $10k(cash) for decent used car(reliable/under 100k) for my now 16 year old at start of pandemic. Prices spiked and had to add another $3800(post pandemic premium) and add a couple years to age to that to get what I had in mind originally.
Jul 9, 2008
British Columbia, Canada
Did you actually sell it then? Or is your "made money on" in theory?
It's only "in theory". But it was a serious offer.

The big question was how it would work as a road car. I already knew it was a terrific local car. So we've just finished a 4,000 Km road trip and it did just fine.

I'm not selling this car anytime soon.