automatic car washes / how do you deal with winter salt from roads

That's IF the car wash being used does this. Not all of them do...

Here we go-almost all do because it's saves them money-and many states/cities require it.

Since the advent of automated washing, water use inside tunnels and bays has become an issue of concern. As cities have grown and populations have become more concentrated, some states and municipalities have even fought court battles over water use and control. In the past, carwashes had limited hours or were shut down during times of intense drought. But these concerns have lessened as more and more washes adopted efficient and economical water reclaim and recycling systems.

"...How do you guys and gals deal...?"
didnt read 2 far beyond that.
Glad U have aservice that does the undercarriage in winter (then U stop'n go back to home washes).
I made upa 'carriage' that I can use to "do under" as I live in the Nor'east. Sat is chore day & the 'under car'
is just one-of-many. Doing wheel wells @ same time duz not require my "skate board ona stick/multi-jet garden hose"
(not what I made but apt description) but justa blast froma hand held pressure hose. This is the only 'washing' I do yr round.
do do above for self... Others @ labor/materials. Have not moved to pneumatic as
the 5 gal pails have just too hi upfront costs. I have a 'pressure-me-up' can (hand held
sprayer) I would fill but havent found a wand that would attach. I could unscrew the tip for one...

Any ideas on sourcin a wand? My can looks like the below: