Auto detailing and age

10 min. job = a shabby detailing job. No way it can be done in that little amount of time and done correctly no matter how often it's done...
Not true. It’s already relatively spotless. I’m just wiping down dust. Shouldn’t take hours. Get some weather tech mats.
I certainly hear you on that age thing’ and not feeling overly enthusiastic about pimping out the car. Sadly, I’m a tad older with the usual ailments. On a positive note, the person that cleans my place also does the car, and she’s darn good at it. No, I’m not some well to do guy, but I do have my own priorities. Money well spent in my case.
Wiping down a vehicle is a guaranteed method of inflicting more defects.
I’m talking interior. Exterior I take it to touch less car wash. Of course my method of detailing here in the Pnw differs from those in say sunny California or Florida. With the amount of rain here, it’s not worth it to meticulously detail the exterior of your car, especially a daily driver, unless you have a fetish for struggling in life.
I've also lost the enthusiam, though not the capability, for deep detailing.

Thankfully, modern products like the spray coatings provide comparable performance, with much less work.

Old school products like Collinite have their devotees, and I used to be one of them.

But ever since trying 3-in-1, I doubt I'll ever go back to a classic paste or liquid wax, unless I really want to experience that grind again.

No longer have the need to warn up the bottle (with 845), apply, let flash, and buff.

Simply spray on, wipe off, like a quick detailer, and get comparable protection, as many a durability test on YT has shown.

The reduced time and effort also allow for more coats (as suggested for the initial application) or more frequent applications, if some OCD needs to be satisfied, and reduced chances of waning protection.

Next time the new ride, or something that better warrants it comes along, I might spring for something like Can Coat, and see what a costlier product offers, and how the technology has evolved.

Having the luxury to do it the old way is great, but there's no longer the necessity to do so.
I dust n vacuum interior. Wash with a bucket n brush on a long broom handle. Wax with megs ultimate wax easy on n off call it a day. Couple hours complete. Wax only twice a year sometimes 3. Looks good enough for me
I got one of these for the super dirty lower body panels. My 83 year old neighbor borrows it too.

I found I don't have it in me like I used to. Could also be the age and wear and my car makes it less important. I might be willing to pay once a year to have it done if I really feel the need.
I mean, he does drive a CX-9 with the time-bomb is only a matter of time before he has to revisit that matter when the cylinder head cracks. ;)

But in all seriousness, it may not be a bad idea to hire someone to do certain things if you are in a position to do so.

Time bomb? Hardly. The 2.5T is a great engine...

Critic gets most influential post of the year so far. Congrats! Lol
Keeping a vehicle clean is a neverending task. I don't go to extremes. I keep my vehicles reasonably clean by my standards. I won't run a white-gloved hand over the door sills. Moneypenny gets a bath once a week and her top gets brushed once a month during a bath. I'm not going with cotton swabs into MP's crevices and nooks. I take Abe to the touchless car wash if needed and let the service folks at work do the rest. My neighbor Steve cleans his 911 for at least an hour every day. I would rather drive a mud-caked hobomobile!