ATF SP-IV was replaced with Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage. Will it damage my Transaxle? Help!


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Sep 19, 2022
That is highly probable!

I sincerely doubt that I will ever use this particular shop again.

Actually come to think of it, there was a 4 wheel alignment done twice.

The first time was when I had struts and left control arm replaced.

They missed a bad bushing on the right control arm as I heard it clunk over bumps. So they charged me labor again to replace the right control arm. I have lifetime alignment so no charge for that.

Torque steer after both 4 wheel alignments.

I'm really pi"" ed about this whole thing. I have to take more time out of my 11 hour work days to get this stuff fixed now...
Feb 6, 2021
Most likely an alignment issue. They probably did an alignment when the struts and control arms were installed. Aftermarket parts tend to cause these issues; perhaps your caster and/or camber are now incorrect (and not adjustable).
If I put new struts on and the camber was way off I would definitely be making the service advisor order me different struts and do it again. On a MacPherson strut suspension new struts should have nearly perfect camber (assuming the knuckle isn't bent which is uncommon).
Jan 2, 2004
The thicker fluid is causing more shift shock(Toyota’s words when T-IV is used in a WS application, not mine) and delayed engagement when it’s cold - PA gets cold.

Have Firestone ‘fess up, and use the “right” aftermarket fluid for trans and transfer. SP-IV is Hyundai/Kia/Mitsu LV fluid. SP-II/III is “high viscosity”. It’s OK to back service with LV fluids HV applications(such as Dex-VI in place of DIII, Honda DW-1 instead of Z-1, Nissan S instead of J) - Toyota, Ford(they don’t say Mercon LV is backwards serviceable with MV), ZF and Mercedes are notable exceptions.