ATF Level - Mazda 3 2004

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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Guys another Question...

I just checked my ATF not running engine ... Full ( maybe overfilled ? )

Running Engine super low!! ?

Manual says go from P to D and Back - check ATF level on idling running engine ..

I Dunno huh ?

I took car for a drive shifting was fine ... Now im scarred that I was driving with low ATF..

I flushed it ..

I drained Pan 3.5 Quarts
Filled 3.5
Via cooler one Quart out One Quart In ... x 8

I dunno
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You always go by the reading on the stick with engine running, and warm. I have a Mazda6 with an external cooler, and although sometimes hard to see the level on the stick, I do get an accurate reading located in the middle of the the 2 lines. On some it has a temp range on the stick which you use as a guide.
I also do a drain-refill about every 2 yrs. to keep the fluid fresh.
I added some I will check it Cold and Warm :)
It was reading some oil when I took it for the spin it was at the bottom but I guess better then dry :p

Thank You
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