Anyone still have a VCR?

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Sep 27, 2014
you know the king from the past.

I have mine but never use it. is it trash? I have it on craigslist to see if there are any takers. Course donation is always a option.
I still buy ole VCRs from thrift store every now and then, for I'm still receiving boxes of freebie tapes on a periodic basis (childrens movies and shows) and I'm too cheep to let them go to waste.

I have 2. And don't use them, over the years movies have become offensive in my mind.
I have one and also use it for time shifting.

I'm too cheap to pay for a DVR. I don't watch that much anyways.

I time shift broadcast TV with an Off-the-air box that plugs into a USB hard drive and keeps the high-definition intact.

But I use the VCR for its playback ability of 80s movies I get at Goodwill for 99 cents.

Today's kids will never know the nostalgia of a tape rewinding, and the pitch getting higher and higher, until it goes clunk.

That is, unless I show 'em.
VCRs are like the old cassette tapes with ribbons. obsolete by 15 years. where's pop rivit to slam this geezer tech? lol
I don't even have a DVD player anymore, much less a VCR. Couldn't beat a Panasonic VCR, back in the day, though.
I've also pretty much ditched DVDs, except for a few TV shows that are currently only available on DVD.

A quick google image search has reminded me of VCR times from my youth.



Yup, still have one that works, & another that would probably work if cleaned. they're good only for players now, since don't have digital tuners. Since Jan 2010, I've done all my recording/time shifting on Magnavox(mfg by Funai) HDD/DVD recorders.
I have a Betamax, the early one with the tape inserted into the top.

It's a shame VCRs are chucked out so readily. Even though the core technology of helical scan on magnetic tape is pretty old, VCRs represent the pinnacle of the art as a consumer product - high-tech and dirt-cheap, just like mechanical hard disks are today.
I still have a Sony two piece Betamax w/camera from the mid 80s. An office my dad put his laws practice in,the previous tenants left a bunch of stuff behind and told him to keep it or just throw it away,they didn't want it,so he gave it to me. There was also a Technics receiver,cassette deck (that I still use),a bunch of records (some rock,mostly easy listening show tunes stuff),and a Commodore Vic 20 w/cassette tape drive.
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