Anyone started hording due to low supply?

I don't think it has anything do with the "P" word.

It is a conversation that can be held entirely outside that framing.

Envy is one of the seven sins. I don’t worry about who has more.

I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth. I’ve had a good life nonetheless.
Envy is one of the seven sins. I don’t worry about who has more.

I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth. I’ve had a good life nonetheless.
It is still a conversation that can be had outside of envy. I don't want his or another billionaire's money.

I don't envy the ultra-rich. We're firmly middle class but we're happy. I can still feel that there is no such thing as an ethical or moral billionaire.
If that question is for me then ill say: it depends.

Are you saving money so that you and yours are taken care of financially or are you Smaug, keeping ever more just to see the numbers grow higher? Do you lift others up with your wealth, or keep others down?

IMO there are no ethical billionaires.
Interesting point of view...
I guess what happened to me was, I was a hope-to-die alcoholic; by 25 I had destroyed my body, mind and spirit. I was homeless; did some couch surfing but that was on a good day. Most of my friends are dead. And several family members. Many went to prison but they are all dead now.
Let's just say I know the other side of life. And I never wanna go back there as long as I live. I am 35 years sober now. I got my 1st degree at 40.

Do I help others? I will not tell you how much I share per year, but I know what it is like to have nothing. I believe in giving people tools to improve their lives and situations. Generally cars where it makes sense and computers for students. And college educations because that was a key component that saved my life.

My mother taught me it is better to give to people when they need it because if you wait too long it might be too late.
I am one of the lucky ones and I know it.

By the way, my hoarding post was kind of a joke.
I personally maintain about seven cars/ trucks. I change oil in them very frequently. I have NOT BOUGHT a quart of oil since before the pandemic.

Keeping a robust stock of a needed/ critical consumable is different than hoarding.
You brought 7 vehicles to Seattle with you?
Question for you... Is hoarding money hoarding?

It's not a surprise that most people who are against OTHER people stockpiling (e.g. hoarding) physical items, are themselves often sitting on hoards of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bitcoin, excessively large houses, numerous cars, lots of kids who consume more than their "fair share" of resources, etc.

We could go ad nauseum about judging other peoples' consumption, shaking our fingers in judgement.

The reality is those of us who do stockpile useful valuable items we obtain in bulk, on clearance, in economies of scale, for free, or whatever are doing so with intelligent planning in mind. We do it so we are not victims of shortages or to supply chain problems, price fluctuations, for resale to recoup our costs, as a hedge against inflation, and so forth. Goods are a store of wealth; always have been and always will.

This mentality has worked extremely well for me in terms of many consumer items that others were scrambling for and going without or paying premiums since 2020...
I am currently not in the hoarder mode. I can go to Costco and buy the Kirkland oil at a decent price without having to lose precious shelf space in the garage cabinets. I would rather stockpile on .22 shells and shotgun shells which take up less space.
Agree-and your vehicle would run a long time without an oil change should the end of the universe hit and there was no "new oil".
Not the hoarding type. But if I were oil would be one of the last things I would keep. Oil “collecting” is a hobby not a viable plan for long term self sustainability
Agree-and your vehicle would run a long time without an oil change should the end of the universe hit and there was no "new oil".
Take the end of civilization out of it. Even merely as a hedge against inflation it isn’t impactful. I grew up poor and finding deals on motor oil wasn’t the missing key to breaking the cycle of poverty. It’s a hobby not a financial plan, period.
I wouldn't call it hording, but my local wm had M1 E0-40 in the garage box last week so I bought one. I use it in 3 vehicles so it doesn't last that long when one takes 8.5, one takes 7 and one takes 6.

It was 10 bucks more for that box than it was last time they had it on the shelf (months ago)
No. Van needs an oil change about once a year and the truck 2. 20qts a year isn’t worth starting a stash over. I’ve also got 3qts of Rotella 15w40 for the mower (2qts of T5 left from its first oil change, 1 of T4 from old mower).
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No, but as others said, I have the next oil change on the shelf. Since we don’t drive a lot, oil changes are once a year, maybe 9 months with vacation coming up, but there is no need for more oil than that.

We’ve always lived with an emergency supply of other things and can do without when things we want are not there. Do we like it, no, but I’m not going to hoard and short the next guy.

In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic we got low on baby wipes. I drove to every store in town to find empty shelves. The last store had 4 packages left. I bought one, because I knew there were others doing exactly what I was doing at that same moment. A package lasted a month, and I figured the shortage would be cleared up by then, which it was.

On the other side, some hoarding is accidental. I used to drive to Fargo a lot, and the Cabellas in Owatanna, MN was the perfect spot to stretch. I’d pick up a brick or two of ammunition (back when it was tougher to get). When I did an inventory later in, I realized there was no need to purchase anymore when I stopped to stretch.
I have enough Bourbon for 2 months.
Tequila for 6 months
Vodka for 1 month.
Cognac for a year.
Liqueur stores are well stocked.
Baby formula not so much.
I have been hoarding for years. When there was a good sale in 2019, i bought like 8 bottles of 4L Shell 5W-40. I still have 5 bottles left today, OCI every year.