Anyone started hording due to low supply?

Jun 27, 2016
In the past I've never kept more oil on hand than 1 oil change for each car. I don't like making space for it, and I don't like the small risk of some of the oil leaking. But with Walmart shelves being essentially bare of 0w20, and Sam's Club literally having none for who knows how long, I've changed my mind a bit.

I used up all my GM rewards points to buy 24 quarts of ACDelco 0w20. Then just the other day we were in Sam's Club and they actually had Mobil 1 6 quart boxes. And they were on the $10 off sale so they are $29.99 a box. I had plenty of oil at home but bought 2 boxes anyway. Oil in stock and on sale? How can I pass that up?

Anyone else start or grow their oil stash with supply chain issues?
hoarding means different things to different people. Especially on here. I have a 2 year supply of oil. Small time hoarding. Others have a 10+ supply and then some.
I'm trying to hoard some M1 5W-40 if I can get Walmart to ship it. 😆 I have about 15 jugs of 5W-30 lined up along my east garage wall, but since I converted two of my three vehicles to 5w40, they're going to be there a while, considering the car that I put it in is a garage queen. I don't call it hoarding, I call it preparing.
I didn't seek to "hoard" but due to some bizarre (Wally having Pennz 5-30 for $2.00 a 5 qt) and a few other great sales and rebates, I have about 20 5 quart jugs. That will last a bit even with 3 vehicles on the Ponderosa.
I have enough for two years and can’t resist the almost continuous Pennzoil rebates. Having said that, motor oil will almost always be there but the price may rise. It’s more of a hobby to save money through rebates.
No, I don't see any shortages of oil locally at all. And I've got a couple OCI's worth. Also I'm not that picky with engine oil, in a pinch I'd run almost anything. Even the semi-syn 15W40 for the tractor and ATV seems to flow OK down to -15C. So if I needed something, that would go into the cars as they have block heaters.
Not hoarding but am building stock. Instead of buying at point of need, anticipate need and have on hand ahead of time, then replacing when I can. Not going to stock up large amounts only to give away years from now...
I'm not hordeing now, but I'm glad I did 2 years ago when RGT 5w30 was on clearance. Still have 6 or 7 changes in the garage for my truck to hold me over before I need to purchase again!
I bought a case of 12 quart bottles of Kirkland oil last year when on sale. So I am good for the next two oil changes along with 2 Fram Ultra's. I don't put a lot of miles on my Pilot so that is once a year changes.
It's only hoarding if it's something that you don't use or have so much you'll never be able to use it in a reasonable time. You have five years of oil and filters is not hoarding it's prepping. Now you are seventy years of age and you have thirty years of oil in the garage and six cases of oil filters then it's hoarding. I'd be way more concerned at the moment, of making sure I had a years worth of food in the house than five years of oil and filters. BTW I do keep two years of oil and filters in the garage. When I do an oil change I replace what I used with in a month.
I see hoarding has some negative connotations here. Here is what the dictionary says for hoard:

"to collect and often hide away a supply of"

A synonym of stockpile. So yes, we are all hoarding.