Anyone seen the UFO video?

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May 27, 2002
Southeast United States
It's been on the news for the last couple days. Shot from a military fighter and both plane and UFO are in a moderate left turn. Intercept was off or near the California coast, and shows a dark object in the camera crosshairs. Apparently the Government has a new program to research UFOs, and has spent $22 million so far to gather info utilizing military aircraft. Maybe there'll be more on this in the coming days. Very interesting...
Yeah saw the vid. Other than a strange object I didn't see any kind of incredible acceleration or maneuvering by it which to me signifies something truly worth looking at. They seemed to easily keep it within some sort of target lock, although they certainly didn't seem know what it was by the commentary. also saw the "news about the ufo program" This isn't really news the gov has a variety of programs to study UFO's - it has for decades. Nice to see them actually cop to it vs continual denying it. UD
I have to suspect that with where drone technology has gone (they used them in Afghanistan, right? Even amazon is looking at advancing them for delivery, no?), and since I'd suspect that the machinery is more capable than the human in a seat... that advancements in unmanned vehicles allow some pretty sporty performance and some small and more optimized form factors. I'd suspect we will see even more "ufos" in the near term, as humans take advantage of the technologies to optimize aerial vehicles that can do pretty aggressive motions.
No such thing as extra terrestrial life forms operating spacecraft within our atmosphere, if that was the context in which the term UFO is being used here. Although I am open to any presentation of solid proof beyond a reasonable doubt that may substantiate such claims.
I was about to say it's an unidentified craft - not other worldly ALIEN. Though the unsung Forbidden Planed from the mid 50's was the forbearer of most everything tech in star wars and star trek ( and lost in space). Some organic life form to come here would be like anyone on this forum winning the {powerball-lottery(e-10)}. Unless you can warp space/time smile
It wasn't a UFO at Corona,NM in 1947 and no amount of drivel about aliens among us has ever produced evidence that we are being visited by beings from other worlds. Nothing but a money making scam that has thrived on the old "government conspiracy" to keep the public from shorting out over "Independence Day" coming true.
I find what the pilots had to say interesting. I'm sure that most of their statements to the media have to be cleared and approved by the military/gov. To have this footage and comments and their statements cleared for the media is intriguing. I do really like the pilots quote ... "I don't know what it is. I don't know what I saw. I just know it was really impressive, really fast, and I would like to fly it," LOL
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Of course we are not alone in the universe but all our efforts so far to contact that distance life has gained us 0.0 response... beyond SETI listening experiments we have launched calls cards... Voyager spacecraft was boosted with enough energy, after many gravity assist from the likes of Jupiter and Saturn, to escape beyond our solar system... On board is a gold record album containing diverse sounds from Earth including the human heart beat, whale sounds, and musical selections from around the world including Beethoven and Chuck Berry... its not clear whether aliens will have a clue what they are listening to but if they come back with a request for more Chuck Berry I'd say they might be fun bunch to get to know...
Well since we just found out about a 22M spend on a secret project when up to this point we've been told "there is nothing to see" is just more evidence of a cover up. Just a week ago no one knew anything about anything - but here we are now with gov admission of previously secret program. Does anyone really think this was the only program - a lone setup proposed by Harry Reid? .....please. Wheres the rest of the stuff they won't let us see? We paid for it. We are being lied to and have been for decades. UD
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