ANyone know of this oil? FUCHS Titan UNIC

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Mar 4, 2003
Wellington, Florida
"I have just ordered 2 pails of . There are alot of Z33 racers that use this in japan and think its the best thing. I thought I would try since its only $55 for 5gal. and the viscosity test where better than Mobil1. The only thing is that no one in the US sells it. So you have to import it." The above is an excerpt from a G35 forum. I had never heard of this oil so I figured that this is the place to ask... who's the resident expert on the above?
I called Fuchs USA about two months ago about their US oils. They don't sell any synthetics here and can't even order them for you since they don't have information, part numbers, anything. Lots of Japanese Roadster owners use the Fuchs as well.
Fuchs is sold under the "Silkolene" brand name in the US. They sell several motorcycle oils including 100% ester synthetics.
I thought it was a clone of Silkolene which is available here(but expensive). Search online for essex parts.
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