Anyone familiar with ProtectIQ ???

Jun 25, 2014
We're thrilled to introduce ProtectIQ, a revolutionary 24/7 network-level security application that is now included in your service. This cutting-edge technology is designed to safeguard your connected devices from a myriad of cyber threats, including viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Here's what ProtectIQ brings to the table:

Threat Neutralization: ProtectIQ acts as a robust shield, neutralizing cyber threats before they can reach your connected devices. This ensures that your network stays safe and secure around the clock.
Device Protection: It goes beyond just threat neutralization; ProtectIQ prevents unknown devices from attempting to access other devices on your home network, ensuring a secure online experience.
Website Blocker: ProtectIQ gives our customers the power to control and customize their home network's web access. This feature enables users to effortlessly block or allow access to specific websites, tailoring their online experience to meet individual preferences and security needs. When a website is blocked, users will receive a clear message indicating that the particular site is not available, providing a seamless and transparent way to manage online content and enhance network security.

For your convenience, all the threats and blocked activities are neatly summarized within the (redacted) app. This way, you can easily keep track of your network's security status and have complete visibility into the protective measures taken. Download the (redacted) app and easily monitor and manage your account by clicking HERE.
How will this affect me if I want to run a Email or home based webserver? I would think a VPN would not even be filtered(encrypted), or is this ProtectIQ some sort of DNS ISP web filtering?
Sounds like a cloud based endpoint detection response app made simple enough for 'home users.' No experiences with ProtectIQ but we've never had issues with our EDR and hosted servers, when we did run public-facing web servers.