Anyone ever use this engine oil flush?

Jan 29, 2024
Aurora, IL
I used it when I had the 2017 Hyundai Sonata 2.4l. I don't have scientific evidence but it seemed like it had cleaned the engine out very good. The oil in that car would turn deep brown within the first 500-1000 miles, and I changed it every 4k using Quaker State Ultimate Durability/Ultimate Protection. Note here, I know color is not much of a reliable indication of anything but that's what I saw.

After the flush, the oil was almost too clean to see on the dip stick all the up until the accident, well past the 2000 mile mark. And granted, it had an oil consumption issue but that rarely made the oil in the system look artificially clean on the dip stick.

I'm just curious if anyone else has heard of it or used it, because it has raving reviews and I'm certainly impressed with it.

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How are you supposed to follow these directions:


Pour the compound into the oil filler neck of a non-working engine, warmed up to the operating temperature.

In case of severe engine contamination, for deep cleaning of its oil system to the level of technical purity and for anticarbon treatment of rings: drive 90-120 miles in the normal mode. For regular application: provide idle engine operation within 10–15 minutes or drive 12.5 miles.
I like that you have options with this stuff. You can drive or idle your vehicle for cleaning.

And then there's the deep cleaning option, which I did for my Sonata. I think I left in for about 200 miles before changing, and that was on a fresh dealer oil change.