Anybody know where to get a graduated drain pan?

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Sep 16, 2003
Laurel, MD
I'd like to be able to accruately measure how much fluid I'm draining out (specifically for trans and diff fluids).

I can't seem to find a drain pan with fluid measurements on it. I need something in the 6-7 qt range. I've even looked in the cooking section for something, but no luck. Any ideas?

make your own. Pour a quart in, mark it with a paint stripe on the outside. Continue by adding 1 qt and a new stripe until satisfied. works better on translucent pans (plastic).

If a metal pan, use the above but make the marks on a dipstick.
Weight works, provided you have a decent scale for the range, or a balance and two of the same drain buckets. If you're stuck on volume then try finding a taller/narrower drain bucket, and calibrate it for either marks that you'll add or for dipsticking it. You may need a level surface for better accuracy.
I like the weight idea but, unfortunately I don't have a good sale. I use a 2qt 2 dollar pitcher from WalMart. I have a drain pan with a pouring spout.
I save containers like a 5 quart Castrol GTX jug and pour the old oil back in. They have nice graduations on the side so you can put back in the same amount.
I use Kirkland (Costco) Free and Clear liquid laundry detergent with no dyes or perfumes.

It comes in a white container that I use for used oil. You can see the oil level if you hold it up to the light.

It's also a good laundry detergent, it's their regular detergent with only the dyes and perfumes deleted. My slight skin allergy cleard up when we switched to it.
Glad I'm not the only guy that likes the Costco F and C laundry juice.

In the past I have used 1 gallon poly milk jugs, self grad marked.

My weakness is draining the dual oil filters...I drain them in the pan...etc and etc...but they always seem heavy with oil...OTOH it seems like the tiny amount "missing" could easily be left in the engine, lines and heavy oil filters.
if your drain pan is wide and not very tall, like most, it's going to be impossible to measure to a quart accuracy. Best thing i think would be to get a suitable drain pan, wide enough so spillage and splatter lands in it, but then be able to pour it off into another container that you can then measure accurately.

For the measuring container, try finding one that's glass but holds a gallon. Like the pyrex 16-oz measuring jar that would be in the kitchen, but gallon size.
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