Any fans of Case knives?

This thread reminded me of my youth going into the neighborhood hardware store and staring at all the Case knives under the glass counter. There was a fascination with the different bone handles and colors. Every boy at that time had a pocket knife when they got to a certain age.

Nowadays I prefer other knives with better utility like one hand opening and using with gloves. Those old Case knives were the thing back in the day for whittling and digging out splinters or cutting patches for bicycle inner tubes etc. The handles still hold a sentimental spot.
We had a big CASE knife display in an old Western Auto store. I watched one (2 blade hunting knife) for about a year till I saved up $40 working there after school around 1970 to buy it. Carried it on my belt to hunt and fish for years. Had leather case with the wood handles. I just gave it over to my nephew who does lots of work for me that I cant do anymore. He does lots of the things I did at his age (mid 40s) so I told him I wanted him to have it. Already gave my dads trapping knives to my two sons years ago. Old Henry's.