Any Chevy Cruize owners out there?

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Sep 14, 2010
S California
How is the Chevy Cruize doing now that it's been out for a while? Which model do you own and now that you've had the car would you choose a different Cruize model or even a different car? Any recalls or maintenance/service problems? From a cost of ownership and operation stand point which is better, the diesel or the ECO? Is the Cruize the answer to the imports?
Wife's sister & brother-in-law have TWO of them, neither are an Eco nor a diesel, they've been OK, spent some time in for recalls (transmission?), but they've been happy with them. Personally I would go with the Eco, diesel at almost $1 more a gallon than reg unleaded is RIDICULOUS! I wouldn't bet on the "import answer" for a few years down the road-but I'd take one over some of GM's old economy car products.
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How is the Chevy Cruize doing
Just FYI, it is called Cruze. That's just in case you were trying to do some internet searches and no results came up. smile
Plenty of problems with the Cruze....just google "Chevy Cruze problems" I bought one brand new but had to get rid of it because GM couldn't or wouldn't (due to cost) fix the anti-freeze smell/loss issue. The A/T was also funky and it didn't get the MPG claimed.
I just did the service on a friend's Cruze. He has had it for two years, I think he doesn't really like it. When it was new he bashed in the driver's side rocker panel on a huge speed bump, not the car's fault, but it lost its new car charm after that. It seems nice to me. As to "import fighter" it is pretty much a captive import, I understand the Cruzes are basically rebadged Daewoos.
My daughter and son-in-law took one for a test drive. They liked the seating position, the head room and the leather inserts. On the test drive the right front wheel started a slight vibration. The car shook in reverse. On top of that it hesitated between shifts. All this on a short test drive. They liked the look and feel of the car but were scared off by the test drive. They wanted to like the car but it did not work out. They were also bothered by being introduced to one salesman after another while they were leaving and finally being told they had qualified for a gasoline gift card if they would come back and look at the ECO model that was in the showroom. They passed on this wonderful opportunity. They had great expectations for this car and were really disappointed both by the car and the dealership.
I love my cruze diesel, 18k no issues. Very tight car. It blows the civic away in all aspects of driving enjoyment.. Fyi the diesel is apples and oranges comparison to the gas cruze. Transmission is top notch aisin warner unit thats been around awhile, different brakes, suspension, tighter tuned steering, lexus quiet interior... People that try to say its a 5k premium for diesel aren't very bright or are too lazy to actually compare features and parts selection.
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Cruze Diesel here. I wouldn't buy my car again for the same price I paid...but there are some good deals out there on them! The diesel is awesome when gas prices are high, but the Cruze is just okay as a car. In cold climates the heater doesn't defog/defrost too well. I think it's a alright car, and I'm kinda a stinker on complaining about things. Diesel really works well and it's not like some 4 banger when you want to pass someone on a hill or the highway.
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Transmission is top notch aisin warner unit thats been around awhile
Would you agree the transmission is somewhat hard on shift points? Mine seems like it sometimes lurches when it's at certain speeds. Aisin makes good transmissions, just want to make sure I didn't get a lemon since I haven't had the opportunity to drive a different Diesel Cruze yet.
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Chevy should of kept the 2.4 Ecotec as an option for the Cruze
It would be pretty quick with that.
Sometimes you guys kill me. Didn't some Civics have the engines replaced for block problems among other things? I have seen literally tons of Cruzes and Civics for that matter. They seem to all be running around just fine. This board is SMALL and has a lot of the same people who post the same [censored] over and over. Make your own choice, everyone has a good warranty these days!
My Dad has a Cruze 1.4 LT2... Weak A/C, loud cabin fan (speeds of 3 and 4 are very annoying) Back seat gets hot in summer, cold in winter... Cheap, soft, plastic trim, scratches easily, and a lot of fake chrome trim... Watch the coolant level! Bubbles from assembly work their way out, and the water pump can have weep leaks at the shaft. Steering does not have as much feedback as I would like, numb feeling... Lots of bells and whistles, power outlets, LCD dash display, etc. More to go wrong in my opinion... Back seat is a little tight for tall people. Nice trunk, roomy car, decent mileage, smooth engine and ride... June 2012 and later has a taller 6th gear, and oil pan shield fix.
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The Cruze is a nice car, but wow the Verano just hits it out of the park. Beautiful interior, choice of 2.4 NA engine or 2.0 Turbo. In this segment I'd be going with the Buick.
"... just want to make sure I didn't get a lemon since I haven't had the opportunity to drive a different Diesel Cruze yet... Just to make sure, the last time I looked at the Lemon Law, it was the after the three repair trips for the same problem. You could have a car that needed recalls for many single problems and not be a lemon.
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