another Q about switching from dino to synthetic

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Oct 12, 2003
I made the decision to switch from dino to synthetic in my 1998 Camry with 72,000+ miles. Although I have not seen any indication of sludge, I want to avoid it.

I have been reading here and on another board to help me make the decision. The other board has a post recommending that if you make the change from dino to synthetic, you should first switch to a semi synthetic for one or two oil changes to help the engine make the transition. Then, switch to a full synthetic.

I have not seen that even mentioned here. Is there any truth to this suggestion?
I switched a used car at 104,000 miles. TO make maters worse the car was driven 6000 miles on pensoil 5W30 and was a quart low on oil. If the car has been well maintained and you have no signs of sludge you should not need to flush anything. If on the other hand you would just like to clean it for good measure and rejuvinate old seals then a 1500 mile run of Auto-Rx would not hurt.

The first time you switch to a synthetic on a high millage vechile run on dino oil always cut the oci short like 4000 miles. It is also normal to use a little oil the first oil change with synthetics in a higher millage engine. THis all goes away after the first change!

P.S. I change back and forth in my old buick from synthetic to dino. Dureing the winter it gets synthetic to better deal with the low temps and dureing the warm months it gets HD Diesel oil.
Nah, it's not entirely true. You can go to Syn at any time, BUT you if you intend to go with an extended drain interval, then don't max it out on the first try, just go maybe 4k...also syns DO clean, so I would still do the 4k "flush".
I don't know why in the world any engine would need to ease into a synth oil. I went straight from dino to Mobil 1 in my truck recently, no problems here. Many will advise you to run a cycle of Auto RX or Neutra prior to making the change to synth, which if your engine has considerable sludge might not be a bad idea. My engine is as clean a pin at 86K and I don't see the benifit of using cleaners on mine (at least beyond the oil detergents).
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