An insult to males across the country

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Mar 23, 2013
Tacoma, WA, USA
Originally Posted By: Wolf359
Not odd at all, my Taurus and Mercedes both have the filler on the right side. And many gas stations around here say that they have extra long hoses so you can fill it on the other side. And strangely on my Mercedes, there's no arrow which says which side the filler neck is on.
I had an 03 Taurus wagon and I hated that about it. I'd end up a mile away from the pump when I pulled in. I suspect that's how my mom (who's had the car for 6 years now) has suffered damage to the right side of the car since she's had it. She's probably sideswiped the poles around the pump trying to get in close enough. At least I had the sense not to get TOO close. Too far away is better than tearing the heck out of the body on the poles! Some stations with the "drop from above" style hoses have retractable hoses for extra length, but they look the same as "drop" pumps that DON'T extend. You never know until you try to give the hose a tug to see if it'll extend. Thankfully that was the only right side filler car I've ever had. I will avoid buying a car with that "feature" again.
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