Amsoil interceptor or dominator?

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Nov 1, 2011
I recently purchased a 2002 ktm sx-125 dirt bike, it needed a new stator, so I put a new stator in it and it fired up on the first kick. I got this bike because the price was right and it will be my fiancée 's bike, I'm going to be getting a 250 2 stroke next spring so next summer we can ride together.
I have a lot of experience riding, I raced for 5 years, started in 1996 on a 1996 yz80 then in 1999 I got a 1999 rm125 and raced it for 2 years. I know a ktm sx-125 isn't the best bike for a beginner to learn on but like I said the price was too good not to get it. Anyways my fiancée is getting better on he ktm,Moshe isn't ready for a track yet but she can run it through the gears riding on trails and what not, I take the ktm to the track and ride it pretty hard though. So I am trying to determine which 2 stroke oil would be better interceptor or dominator? I was thinking interceptor would be better for it since she rides it a lot slower then I do, and I figured interceptor would be good enough to handle what I put the bike through when I ride it so that's what I have been running through it mixed at 40.1. Is interceptor ok for what this bike is being used for or would I be better off getting dominator?
For recreational motorcycle usage, Interceptor:

dominator trades detergent for slightly higher lubricating properties,

Unless you are taking the head off frequently to clean out coke and carbon.
I would go with interceptor as it has much better cleaning ability.
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