Amsoil ATF and Magnefine

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Dec 20, 2007
My 2000 Odyssey is currently at 212k miles. 100k miles ago, I replaced most of the ATF in the Odyssey with Amsoil Syn ATF because I understand that these transmissions are prone to failure: I followed the replacement procedure that requires you to detach a transmission hose and I feel that the procedure is far superior to the 3x drain refill method, I didn't drop the pan because the Odyssey transmission doesn't have a pan, and I drain the transmission hose about one quart at a time so that i can replaced the fluid one quart at a time: Of course, I put in a Magnefine inline filter as well and I didn't change the filter for 100k miles. When I removed the Magnefine filter, I suspect without conclusive proof that it is still working because the ATF that flows out from the output port of the filter is still much clearer / cleaner than what flows out of the input port. I am actually very impressed with the Amsoil ATF because after 100k miles, the liquid is only dark red / slightly brownish and I suspect it could go further than 100k miles. I believe that the Magnefine filter also did an awesome job at filtering out harmful metals. This time around, while I changed the ATF, I am using the newer fuel efficient version of Amsoil's ATF that supports the newer Honda DW-1: I hope that my Odyssey transmission will last another 100k miles and I will report back when my car reaches 312k miles.
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That's pretty impressive for one of those transmissions! It looks like you have the right combination there.
thanks for sharing, very impressive indeed. I drain and fill my trans at the end of summer after 20k miles. pls cut the filter open when you change the filter if possible. I might add the filter to the ridgeline :-) amsoil makes perfect sense after warranty is up. it will probably be cheaper if you buy a case of amsoil compared to honda atf.
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