AmazonBasics 5W30 High Mileage, 5032 miles, Ford 3.7 liter Duratec, Lincoln MKT

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HM oil is just oil like any other oil with the same API and a little extra "marketing" with maybe a little something extra but the bottom line is it is the same API.
Im kind of surprised about the comments of "why"

Nice report, just as good as a boutique oil report as Super Tech would most likely match all that plus much better price.
The Walmart near me sells the ST 5/30, 5/20 and 0/20 full syn in the 3 gallon box for $33. which comes out to $2.75 a quart.
This is a great report Navi... you still doing the experimenting thing or gonna stick with this one? Oh, much appreciation for the UOA's.👠Oh one more thing, with you on the 5k oci. It's worked well for me thus far and don't see the need to fix what ain't broken.
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I don't think GIII or IV synthetics have been shown to exhibit less engine wear.

Other than farcical, meaningless "vacuum salesman" lubricant "tests".

You mean like the old one arm bandit videos on YT?
One key to this engine is my perception is a thicker oil seems to make it seem more quiet and refined. So Im going to try the Delvac I have.
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