Amazon Fire TV stick $20 for 2 days

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May 9, 2003
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For Prime members only $20, two days only.
Went ahead and pre-ordered one, as I have Prime. Might be redundant as I have a Roku3
...can always return for free...

Fire TV Stick - supposed to be more powerful than other streaming sticks...dual core, too.

Streaming media HDMI stick with Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, music, games, and more

Full details:


I'll have to order that! I have a "dumb" TV in my bedroom with an HDMI input and am a prime member. I've been watching Star Trek The Next Generation via Prime in my family room.
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Hmmm.. $39 for me. Is that still a good price??


Well that was odd... I logged in with waterfox and the discount deal came up first thing. So I bought one.

I'm a prime member (shop a lot on Amazon). Got a Amazon newsletter on this.
I've only watched a few Amazon free movies this year, so don't know if I really have the need for one of these.
Can you stream recorded videos from your laptop, as in does it mirror your laptop or is it good for apps only?
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Can you stream recorded videos from your laptop,

You can if you install Plex server on your laptop and download the Plex app.
That looks like a good deal. It shows estimated delivery for me of 24 December. So let any receivers of this stocking stuffer know that it may be delayed.

We have two Rokus, but one of ours is an older model and this might be a great replacement for it. For 20 bucks, you really can't lose. Thanks OP!
If it's anything like when Chromecast was first launched, the shipping estimates that Amazon gave were worst case scenario. They actually arrived sooner than that.
Wasn't going to buy one but got in toward the end of the price cut deal (maybe afraid I'd miss out). Haven't received it yet but got an email when its expected to ship, so I figure some other earlier buyers have got it.
Maybe I'll try it when it arrives, I dunno. This stuff is over my head. At least I saved a few bucks and may try it, or give it to the kid.
Wondering to those who have received one - what do ya think?
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