Am I doing wrong?


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Oakville, Ontario
I've had no troubles with 10w30 Schaeffer up here and our winter has been brutally cold, getting down to -9F once and below or close to 0F at least 5-6 mornings. My LT1 Firebird's manual says 10w30 is ok at 0F and up. However, next winter I will go with 5w30 just to be safe. For an OHC engine I would recommend 5w30 for sure if it's less than 30F regularily in your area in winter. [ January 31, 2003, 05:13 AM: Message edited by: Patman ]
I agree with Patman, unless you're in northern Alaska, 0F is fine for most quality 10 weights as they are CCS tested at -4F. If you're using M-1, the pumpability limit is -40F, so I would not sweat it at +20F. I use the 15-50 and it was -8F on my dash computer this past Mon. AM...I was changing a flat on the girlfriends car, so I know that's pretty cold. I still believe cold flow is not the problem (unless the engine is sludged up) because there already is oil on all the parts (unless you haven't started the car in over a few week/months...)