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Mar 7, 2008
South Central US
ALG Go juice is billed as a completely non-toxic "biosynthetic" lubricant. I have, in the past, used Rand CLP, Froglube, SEAL 1, and FIREClean, in my quest for a non-toxic product due to the fact that most of my shooting is done suppressed, and CLP's become aerosolized very readily when shooting suppressed long-guns. I wanted something that wouldn't add to the junk I already breathed in. The main problem I have had thus far, was corrosion resistance (Froglube. I actually had the bolt of my M4 get rust speckles all over it after a light wipe down with Froglube in humid weather, but no direct rain), and "gumming up". The main benefit I have noted, aside from non-toxic, and non-allergenic (CLP, mil-spec, actually causes a dermatological reaction if I get it on my hands for long at all.), has been how easy weapons are to clean when lubed with bio products. Some, moreso than others. They seem to "suspend" fouling, and cleaning is a breeze. The weapons also feel "smoother" for longer, when loaded with fouling during extended range sessions. I had switched to SLIP 2000 EWL, after having issues with gumming up using the last product I tried in the bio-lube arena. SLIP is a good lubricant, but it isn't the best at corrosion prevention by a long shot, in my testing, but it does exceptionally well with wear/lubrication/ease of cleaning. Long story short, Bill Geissele made a video during SHOT 2016 that pretty much slammed FIREClean (my favorite of the bio-lubes), and promoted his product over it. Well, Bill G. has a reputation, and if he puts out junk after boasting, it may do more harm than not putting out a product at all, so, I bought a bottle. My first question was? How is corrosion resistance? that was the easiest to answer. I sanded some steel down bare, and treated it with FIREClean, SLIP 2000 EWL, and ALG Go Juice. Then laid a salt-water soaked toilet-tissue square folded in half over it, and let it dry. The SLIP 2000 EWL section was almost undiscernable from untreated. The FIREClean section looked half-way between the virgin steel before the test, and the after-results. The Go-Juice dominated the test. If I had to rank them, SLIP 2000 EWL got a 2/10, FIREClean a 6/10, and Go-Juice, a 9/10. Next up was how did it perform in actual field use? Well, I now have several hundred rounds on a rifle lubed with it, fired suppressed, and clean-up is the easiest it has EVER been. I can take a dry micro-fiber after 100+ rounds, and wipe the fouling off of the BCG, the inside of the upper, etc. effortlessly. The bolt-tail is the only part that needs a bit of scraping. Even the firing-pin, around where the shank meets the collar, wipes off easily. The weapon, when charged/dirty, feels very minimally fouled, especially compared to conventional products such as Weapon Shield, and M-Pro-7 LPX. I cannot comment on "does it gum up?" yet, however, I did seek out this, regarding "biosynthetic oils", and it looks like if Bill G. did his homework (the product has been in R&D for 2 years, so they say), then it might well be EXTREMELY stable. BTW, this is what the Geissele rep on another forum posted:
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I will see if i can have the web guys upload a copy of the SDS to the website. I will do my best to try to answer some questions here. It is a bio synthetic oil. The base oil comes from a GMO seed that is specifically bred for its lubricating properties. The base oil is then built up and synthesized for the additional corrosion and anti oxidation properties. These are additives, and as someone pointed out correctly in previous posts, the additives are typically what can make or break the oil. This is absolutely accurate, and we can definitely attest to that. Go Juice was a nearly 2 year formulation in the making, we have i believe over 50 revisions at this point. We would test and find that the lubrication is great, the corrosion resistance is there, and now it oxidizes. then we would make a change and find that it no longer oxidizes, the corrosion resistance is still good, but the lubrication is now [censored]. we have spent a couple years getting what we feel is a perfect marriage of base oil and additives. we have had this oil tested pretty extensively in all various categories against other competing products as well as typical CLP and etc. We also have a lot of in house lab equipment, such as a falex pin and v block testing machine that we use to test the oils as well. our oil has either out performed or was top 3 in all of the various categories that we tested. there is other products that out performed in some categories, but nothing that tested as high across the spectrum. we tested for lubricity, corrosion resistance, oxidation and we also spent a lot of time making sure that the lube was completely non hazardous. during the formulation process we would find some additives would certainly increase performance but would end up introducing a potentially hazardous chemical, so we would go back to the drawing board. We will not disclose any testing results that we have performed. but i can say we have tested it extensively in both our in house labs and multiple independent labs. I can also say that this oil is not a rebranded anything. this oil was formulated by us, and is only produced for us. it cannot be purchased anywhere by anyone under another trade name or something along those lines. Bill did an interview with IV8888 at Industry Day at the Range. He goes pretty in depth about Go Juice, so i hope this info will also help answer some questions. Video here and skip to the 24:05 mark.
Anyway, just sharing my initial opinions and impressions of a new product. The above is only my opinion and impression, and should not be construed as being presented as indisputable fact. I feel the need, as of late with this industry, to separate statements of opinion and personal experience from "fact", due to the rampant litigation out there.
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