Alfa Romeo Giulia oil Fiat spec 9.55535.GS1

I’m just under 36k miles and genuinely could not be happier with my decision to purchase. It is a great daily driver that perfectly balances practicality, performance, and luxury. Admittedly, two or three more creature comforts would be a good thing to puff up that last characteristic.

I bought the car new in September of 2018. Since that time it’s been at the dealer for the following reasons. Compared to my CX-5 (also bought new), which has been at the dealership only once since purchase, this is going to look like a laundry list. But they’re minor annoyances, none of which left me stranded, and all of which were 100% covered under warranty.

9/26/18 - 350; Rattle from passenger side door when music on. Window switch clips were bent/broken. Replaced.

10/29/18 - 1,900; Catalytic Converter recall

4/19/19 - 9,727; Brake System recall

5/10/19 - 10,571; Valve stem on rear tire failed, causing a leak. Replaced.

11/11/19 - 19,113; Passenger side speaker sounded distorted. Replaced. RRT to replace passenger side door switches.

4/3/20 - 25,672; PCM/TCM recall.

6/3/20 - 26,446; Driver side seat mount broke. Replaced.

8/10/20 - 27,870; AC Condenser and Radiator replaced. Small leaks in both.

Knock on wood, I’ve now gone a full year without a visit, but I’m in the slightly above average camp of issues. Some have absolutely zero problems, others have lemons that get bought back in a matter of months. MOST owners though are experiencing 1-3 growing pains and that’s it. With the newer models there’s even less issues being reported.
To me this doesn't appear to be a well made auto. Not knocking your purchase and glad you are happy with it.
it has lower foam limits than ACEA C2, important for the multiair engines that have hydraulic valve actuators. Dont know if the Giulia you are looking at uses multiair
Yes and no - as far as I can see there is no foam test requirement in the GS2 spec (beyond having to meet ACEA C2), but they do include a Twinair engine test for oil aeration; it's effectively the same thing but is defined differently.