Akebono pads with coated rotors...

B6_Dolphin: those are beautiful rims and calipers.

Critic: I'm blanking on roloc disc... I've heard the term...is it a scotch Brite type of material?

Whoops, found it.
Which version do you prefer?

Not saying it is always necessary, but I have found that removing the coating will greatly accelerate break-in. At least on the aftermarket Akebono pads. Their OE pads seem to be more aggressive and do not have any issues.

Just be sure to avoid the center hat area so you don’t scar the paint on the hat. Also don’t go crazy - you just need to remove the paint. Also wash the rotor with soap and water after this step.


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Because you don't clean off Geomet or other similar coating with brake cleaner and soapy water.

That's how you remove a preservative oil "coating"
I have had phone conversations with Akebono’s tech line and they’ve gone into further derail about this issue. The geomet can definitely be an issue for their pads.
You need to define coated rotors. Wagner E-coated rotors for example are only coated on non braking surfaces. Clean with Dawn. Brake cleaner can effect the E-coating.

Other coated rotors have a zinc coating on the entire rotor. The braking surfaces needs to be clean. But should not need cleaning unless someone got their greasy hands on the braking surfaces.