"Airless" Spray Gun 4 Fluid Film

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Feb 10, 2012
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Good morning all.

I want to touch up under my vehicle with Fluid Film (using 1 gallon can).

I DO NOT want to use Aerosol Cans.
I DO NOT have a tank type Air Compressor.

My preferred method would be:
Use some type of 'electric' Paint Sprayer.
Fill the quart container with Fluid Film / plug in and spray.

On Fluid Films web-site, they recommend using:
Wagner, Paint Crew Sprayer.

I could not find this specific spray-gun on wagner.com
They must sell 1 dozen different spray guns.
Several that I liked had bad reviews (yes, on Wagners own web-site).
A lot of the problems was with clumpy paint. I would not have that problem if only using the sprayer for Fluid Film.

1) Anybody use some type of 'electric' spray gun with Fluid Film ? ? ?
Again, I do not have a tank-type compressor.
2) Pros and Cons ? ? ?
3) Any recommendations ? ? ?

Any advise is appreciated.
Thank you.
A pretty good discussion about it here.


I'd use the spray bombs or make the investment in a compressor and shoot it on. IIRC Harbor Freight sells guns similar to the Wagner unit you might want to look there for one.
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Well, I just went to Harbor Freight and bought an "Electric" Paint Sprayer.
With the 20% Off Coupon, I paid $19.00

In the next Week, I will try spraying the Fluid Film thru it.

All I need it for is touching up some bare spots.
Most of the under side is heavly coated from previous years.

I'll post the results if anyone is interested.
Well, I tried the 'electric' Spray Gun.
The Fluid Film was too thick.
When it sprayed out, it was just one small stream.

Because of its size (bulky) it would have been difficult to spray every where.

So much for that.
I'll just use the Aerosol Cans and touch up an needed.
FYI, the aerosol can stuff does wash off kinda easy. Fine in places out of splash areas.
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