after market PSF for acura

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May 6, 2009
Hi guys; I am thinking of changing my PSF for my acura integra. Any recommendation for non-OEM fluid? --------------------------- 92 Jeep cherokee 94 Mazda 626 97 Acura integra
Wally World has some Honda/Acura PSF for $2.47 a bottle. At least in Los Angeles. I forget the brand but it was a well known brand.
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Might want to give the websites from Amsoil, Redline, Wynns, Bgprod, and Royalpurple a look. Gunk, Bardahl, Pyroil, Mag1, MightVS7....also might have Hondacura equivalents. Visit your local auto parts stores to see what brands they carry.
I have use the cheaper compatible brands for a 1000 mile flush, and then put some of the Amsoil PSF in there. It seems to work well in the Honda/Acura systems and is specified for it.
I have used Bardahl (turkey baster method) since this is the only PSF available here besides dealer's. I remember once I got some Pyroil PSF in US and it smelled exactly same as the Canadian dealer's stuff. Overall I have gone trough 5-6 bottles of the Bardahl stuff and winter time I do not get any nasty sounds from the PS pump.
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