Advice:Stick with dino or switch to synthetic

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Nov 7, 2002
Long time lurker here, been reading for some time here after I saw patman's suggestion to this site from a post on Anyway, here is my question. I have a trans am with an ls1 engine. Currently I use gtx dino oil in it. The car is a weekend car and is stored about 4 months during the winter months here in chicago. Is it worth it to switch to synthetic? I change the oil before I store it and then when I bring it out of storage and then usually once during the summer months when I drive the car. I do not put a lot of miles on the car and this is why I am wondering if I should switch to synthetic. Also, I would like to do an oil analysis some time. I am getting ready to store the car and will be changing the oil soon, but the oil that is in there only has about 1500 miles on it, so would I be wasting my money doing an analysis on this oil?
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Deciding on whether to go dino or synthetic all depends on what you'd like to do as far as oil change intervals. If you're going to do 3-4k oil changes, stick with the GTX, it'll serve you well. If you wish to go with 5k oil changes or more, go with a synthetic (or a synthetic blend such as Schaeffer supreme) Another reason to go synthetic is if you live in a very cold climate, but you're storing the car so it wouldn't matter.

As far as oil analysis, it wouldn't hurt to sample this oil just to see how it's holding up. Before you put it away you should definitely put in fresh oil anyways, so you might as well do a sample of it while you're draining it out.
I think an analysis would be wise....I vote for synthetic just for the easier pumpability during the infrequent starts and maybe also no need to change oil again to start....
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