Advice: Detailing Single Stage Paint

Apr 11, 2003
My friend has a 1999 Miata that has a hunter green single stage paint job on it.

While it is the factory color it’s NOT the original paint.

The car has scratches on the hood and trunk lid that need correcting. These are light to moderate scratches; you can’t catch a fingernail while dragging it across the scratches.

He wants to detail this car. As in:


I recommended Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish for the polishing step and Menzerna Power Lock Plus (or Ultra) for the sealant step.

I’m seeking advice as to what to recommend for the correction stage, both product and pad. I have never detailed single stage paint before.

Regardless of the product, I told him to expect to see oxidized paint on the pad.

Use your compound and the same foam pads you'd use normally and plan to change them double as often. They will begin to embed dead paint to the pad media. What makes signle stage so terrible to work with is the dead paint just clogs up the pad and ends up grinding the paint instead of polishing it. If you picture a typical hood, id most likely use 2 pads and blow off every 4 quardants ( break the hood into 4 sections ).

Maybe fusso soft 99 as a topper and skip power lock plus.